TOUR 2016


During March 2016 Los Púa Abajo went on their first European tour with songwriter Juan Seren and double-bassist Martín Santiago. They presented the album “Casa Cuore” as well as their instrumental repertoire with traditional and original Tango compositions.

They performed in theatres, music clubs, milongas, cultural centres and radios, having a great reception from the audience and press. They also took part at the 28th International Granada Tango Festival in Granada city (Spain) and played at Maison de l´ Argentine (Paris, France) among other outstanding places.

During a month the band offered 26 concerts in 16 cities such as Granada, Zafarraya, Valencia (Spain), Montpellier, Marsella, Paris (France), Berna, Grosshöchsteten (Switzerland), Den Bosch, Wilp (Netherlands), Koln (Germany), Torino, Cittadella, San Remo, Alessandria and Chiavari (Italy).

TOUR 2017

Because of the success of the former tour, the duo went on another one in April 2017 again alongside Juan Seren and Martín Santiago. In this opportunity they presented for the first time, the albums “Tangos de ayer y hoy” (by Los Púa Abajo and Martín Santiago) and “Tango sin reservas” (by Juan Seren y Los Púa Abajo). Both of them were presented exclusively in Europe first than in Argentina.

They gave 21 shows in 25 days in many cities such as: Torino, Cittadella, Varese, Verona (Italy), Berna, Locarno, Grosshöchsteten, Lausana (Switzerland), Koln, Hamburg (Germany), Wilp and Vorden (Netherlands). In many of them they offered a second show due to the sold out tickets. They performed in several stages, as Salone Estense-Casa Comunale (Varese, Italy) Alsterschlösschen Burg Henneberg (Hamburg, Germany) and Kastel Haackfort (Vorden, Netherlands) among others


The duo also gave workshops about Tango guitar in Switzerland, Italy and Germany, during this tour.

Ph: "Lalo" Lema
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