Los Púa Abajo share their experience giving workshops to professional and amateur musicians, who are interested in tango with guitars.

Both teachers are graduated from Conservatorio de Música de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires "Astor Piazzolla" and​ both of them have given lessons in Buenos Aires as well as Europe (Cittadella - Italy, Bern - Switzerland and Köln - Germany).

In these workshops they explain tango resources of the genre for a better interpretation of the melody and accompaniment. Once the lesson is finished students receive practical material to continue exercising individually.

Workshop contents:

- Tango guitar introduction. History and main exponents.  

Subgenre: tango, waltz, milonga, accompaniment.

 -Techniques for interpretation of the genre: "marca", "arrastre", "síncopa", "rebote", etc.
- Clichés and basic resources.
- Rhythm patterns, harmonizations, use of pedal notes, typical tango resources.
- Introductions, interludes and endings.
- Musical resources for approaching an adecuate accompainment: textures, character and "feel".
- Melody: phrasing, ornamentation and variation.

They also teach courses of arrangement and ensemble for bands already playing (duets, trios, quartets, quintets and guitar ensembles). 

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