10 years of Tango Guitar

"Los Púa Abajo" is an instrumental Tango Project created by the guitarists, arrangers and composers Ángel Colacilli and Leandro Coratella by the end of the year 2007. 


They have their own stamp based on their own compositions and the interpretation of traditional tangos. They are opened to other influences such as jazz, rock, Argentinian folk and academical music. 

They have shared the stage with important artists and great musicians of tango.


Since the beginning the band has played in several stages and milongas in Buenos Aires City: C.A.F.F. (Club Atlético Fernández Fierro), Centro Cultural Torcuato Tasso, Usina del  Arte, Bar Notable ¨El Faro¨, Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, Teatro de la Ribera, Teatro Orlando Goñi, Salta y Resto, Alianza Francesa, Centro Cultural Julián Centeya, La Ventanita de Arrabal, Milonga sin Gomina,  Oliverio Girondo, Almagro Tango Club, Café Vinilo, Sanata Bar, Café Goyheneche, Teatro Sergio Souza, Teatro Luz y Fuerza, to mention some.


They have also been invited to different radio stations and tv programs: “Tiempo de Show” (Radio del Plata), “AyerHoy Era Mañana” (FM2x4), “Tres Siglos” (FM2x4), “El Arranque” (FM 2x4), “Fractura Expuesta” (AM 590 Radio de las Madres), “Hoy Lloré Canción” (Radio de la Ciudad), and “Banda 3.0” (Channel Metro).


They went on tour round Europe in 2016 and 2017 with the songwriter Juan Seren. They performed in outstanding theatres, music clubs, milongas, cultural centres and radio stations in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands: Teatro Isabel La Católica (Granada, Spain), Maison de l´Argentine (Paris, France), Salone Estense - Casa Comunale (Varese, Italy), Alsterschlösschen Burg Henneberg (Hamburg, Germany), Kastel Haackfort (Vorden, Netherlands), Qbus Music Club (Leiden, Netherlands), main Studio Radio  Bern "RABE" (Bern, Switzerland), Círculo Hispano-Alemán “Antonio Machado” (Köln,Germany), to mention some of them.


They took part in important festivals like the Buenos Aires International Tango Festival (2014-2015), the 28th edition of the Granada International Tango Festival (Spain, 2016), Valentín Alsina Tango Festival  (2012), Rosario Tango Festival M.U.T.A.R. (2016) Familia C.A.F.F.  Tango Festival (2017) among others. 

In the year 2012 together with Javier Romero in harmonica , and named as “Los Hnos. Romero y el Dr Púa Abajo” they recorded their first album at “El Yeite” Studio, by Nestor Basurto. Angel Colacilli and Leandro Coratella played the guitars and were in charge of the arrangements and musical direction. Many important musicians were invited to take part in this cd : Hernán “Cucuza” Castiello, Franco Luciani, Néstor Basurto, Maximiliano “Moscato” Luna, Juan Seren, Analía Sirio, Jorge Luis Latini, Maximiliano Cortez (34 Puñaladas) and Federico Aguzzi (Guitarra Surquera). The presentation was in Almagro Tango Club sold out.

This band with Javier Romero in harmonica, won the prize “Hugo del Carril” in 2013, as instrumental band. Moreover they won the same category in Pre-Cosquín Festival San Fernando headquarters (2014) and they participated in Pre-Cosquín Festival stage “Atahualpa Yupanqui” in the province of Córdoba Argentina.


They  recorded with the well-known composer, Singer and guitarist Néstor Basurto “El Carmelitano”, as part of a special work for the University of San Luis (2012). They also participated in the waltz “Ay mi vida!”, in the Fernando Bitter album “Chamuyo Arisco” (2010), additionally they recorded their guitars together with Lucas Ferrara and Maximiliano Cortez the song “Con sabor a litoral” (2011) included in the cd “De madrugada” by Chamuyeros group.

By the end of 2014 they launched “Casa Cuore” with songwriter  Juan Seren. In this particular task the guitarists were in charge of improving the arrangements and also the musical direction as well as composing for other instruments such as bandoneon, violin, harmonica, double bass, percussion and vocals assemble. This cd has a tango style and other rhythms like bolero, rumba flamenca and candombe. Many artists participated in this recording : Ignacio Varchausky (El Arranque), Juan Subirá (Bersuit Vergarabat), Mariano Gonzalez Calo (Astillero), Alicia Alonso (Astillero), Mariano Risso, Javier Romero and Nicolás Franco (El Cachivache quinteto). The presentation took place in Club Atletico Fernandez Fierro (C.A.F.F). It was warmly received and it had great reviews.

At the beginning of 2017 they launched the álbum “Tango sin reservas”(Juan Seren y los Púa Abajo) which was recorded by Federico Nicolao at “Eleven Palace Studio”. Integrated only by new tango songs, with compositions by Leandro Coratella mostly and lyrics by Juan Seren. The idea is to transmit the interpretative essence and simply guitars sounds. Angel Colacilli and Leandro Coratella make all arrangements and the musical direction, and Martín Santiago at doublebass. They presented this album in Club Atletico Fernandez Fierro (C.A.F.F) and also performed instrumental music composed by Angel Colacilli and Leandro Coratella.


In 2019 they launch their fourth album "Nuevos Tangos Guitarreros". An album that consists mostly of all their own compositions for two guitars (except three covers: Django Reinhardt´s "Nuages", Chick Corea´s "Spain", and the new tango group 34 Puñadas´s "Astiya"). They´ve presented it at Café Vinilo, in a guitar cicle organized by the famous argentinian guitar virtuoso Ernesto Snajer. 


They also present their album at the Luján Tango Festival, performing alongside some of the greatest tango musicians of the new generation such as Hugo Rivas, Chino Laborde, Dipi Kvitko, Astillero and many more. 

Nowadays their are participating, with one new composition, of the project "Piazzolla 2020" - a new album with the participation of many of nowadays greatest tango composers and musicians that will be launched in 2020.


He was born in Godoy Cruz, Mendoza. Guitarrist, arranger and composer. Besides the project “Los Púa Abajo” and “Juan Seren y Los Púa Abajo”, he has performed with the well-known and virtuous guitarrist Hugo Rivas, his quartet and guitars orchestra. He has also played and accompanied several artists. He is a music teacher graduated from Conservatorio Municipal de la Ciudad de  Buenos Aires “Astor Piazzolla”, and he has been  teaching  at schools for 10 years now.



He is from San Isidro, Buenos Aires. Guitarrist, arranger and composer. Besides the project “Los Púa Abajo” and “Juan Seren y Los Púa Abajo”, he is part of a duo with Tango singer Nelson Ibarra.

He has accompanied many singers. He is a Music teacher graduated  from Conservatorio Municipal de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires “Astor Piazzolla”, and he has been teaching at primary and secondary schools for 12 years now, making instrumental and vocal arrangements.

Ph: Lorena Bortoluzzi
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